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How Good are Fast Foods?

Meals around the family table are less common today than in the past. As a result of smaller families, working wives, and lack of time, more than half of all Americans eat more than half their meals away from home. The main beneficiaries of this new pattern of American eating are the fast-food chains, where edibles roll out like car parts on an assembly line The fast-food industry has been growing at a rate of about 15 percent a year, pizza has become a staple, and the burger – billions sold annually – has replaced the hot dog as the American national dish.

Today more than 50% of the Americans.

A) eat out most of the time
B) eat less than 50% of their meals out
C) eat 50% less than before
D) eat of 50% their meals at home and 50% in restaurants

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Resposta: A

Veja no texto “More than half of all Americans eat more than half (mais da metade) of their meals away from home”. Isto é, mais da metade dos americanos comem fora de casa na maioria das vezes.

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